How to choose security camera for apartment?

Video quality
Many customers prefer 4K cameras, which is why they are quite hard to find. However, a device with 1080p resolution can capture detailed, high-quality video that can be transmitted over a standard wireless network.
Wide angle lens
The wide-angle lens gives you a panoramic view, giving you a full picture of what's happening in your apartment. Camera quay lén When compiling our review, we tested cameras that don't pan or tilt and have a 105-180 degree viewing angle.
Night vision
When choosing the best security camera for an apartment, we recommend choosing one with a night vision option, allowing you to record video in a dark room. Some models even have color night vision, but in most cases a black and white photo is enough. Keep in mind that such cameras have a shorter operating range than other models.
Two-way talk
Cameras equipped with microphones and speakers are a great option for alerting intruders or commanding your dog to get off the sofa when you're not home.
All models described in our review are equipped with motion alerts. They will send you an audio notification once motion is detected. This function can also detect smoke or a crying baby. camera chống trộm
Continuous recording
Most cameras divide the recording into several segments for easier management. If the subject continues to move, some models will continue to record, but most devices have a "reset" period, so some moments will not be recorded.
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